There is an increasing demand from consumers for products that are safe and of the highest quality. Q Systems is a consulting firm offering quality and safety documentation solutions for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. We have developed a unique system to provide controls in quality, safety and processing. The documentation solution is ideal for any business seeking to reduce risk and ensure consistent product quality.

Q Systems specializes in Food Hygiene and Food Safety. Our work is based on the South African National Standards for Food Hygiene (SANS 10049) and HACCP (SANS 10330). We implement controls to minimize the risk of quality deviations and safety incidences.

One of our main strengths is practical hands on experience in the manufacturing industry combined with auditing experience which allows us to understand and appreciate the problems in running a business rather than looking at technical aspects in isolation of the rest of the business.  

Our market sector experience includes primary fish and vegetable processing, bakery products, margarine and oil manufacture, sauces and jams.